Callie Grace

I love taking pictures of babies. I get to snuggle them and love on them and just hold them. Baby’s do a heart good. So a day or two ago I got to take pictures of a beautiful baby girl, who happens to belong to a couple that I have been friends with for a long time. And there’s a beautiful story behind this baby. Her mom and dad have been waiting on her for 10+ years. When Victor and Michelle, mom and dad, got married, Victor had a precious little girl named Alyssa. They knew they wanted to add more to their growing family. But a few years went by and no baby. Another baby girl came into their lives through the process of adoption and they were happy. More years went by and I think they had given up on having a baby of their own. After a few more problems, Michelle announced to the family that she and Victor were expecting! And 9 great months later, gorgeous Callie Grace was born. This baby girl is such a miracle and she is perfect in every way. It was so great to get to hold her and love on her.


DSC_1303I cannot wait to see this baby girl grow up and I hope to get to take many more photos of her. Congrats Victor and Michelle!!Do Well, Do good



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