Jason is a first cousin. He married Holly. They have been married a few years and they just had their first baby. A baby boy! Who is way to cute. Oh my gosh, he’s so cute. He is a good mixture of his mommy and daddy and he seems like he is a very happy baby. And he is VERY loved! I remember thinking about a year and a half back, ‘When are they gonna have a baby?’ I know I wasn’t the only one thinking it either. 😉
Not to long after that, Holly and Jason announced that they were expecting. Yay!!! And nine months later, he was here. I am so glad they asked me to take some newborn photos of him.
Now when it comes to my newborn shoots, I try to accomplish the cute poses and give parents what is always seen online, but I will forever love the more natural photos. The ones where the parents are interacting with the baby on the bed or just holding him or her and looking at the baby or just standing in front of a window. Just natural stuff that you do after you have a baby. I have four children and I know there have been many many moments spent just staring at the beautiful person that grew inside of me for so long. The one that I couldn’t wait to meet. Those are my favorite shots to get.

DSC_5411DSC_5438DSC_5445DSC_5470DSC_5475DSC_5494DSC_5512I am so glad when I get to photograph people that I get to see all of the time. Especially babies, because I get to see them grow, and a lot of times parents continue to ask me to take family photos. So I watch them grow in photos too.Do Good and Do Well


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