A little over a couple of years ago, I had a studio. It was one town over and I was there for almost a year. I ended up closing it because I got pregnant with my fourth child and decided I just wanted to spend my time at home. But while I was there I got to take newborn photos of Brody. He was so so cute and such a sweet baby. A couple of weeks ago, his grandma messaged me and asked me if I would shoot his 2 year old photos. Of course I said Yes! I can’t believe that much time has gone by that fast. When you see a kiddo that you took baby pictures of, growing and getting older and changing, it’s a huge perk of the business. I really love that part.
And another thing? This kid loves his cows! He almost wouldn’t take any photos without them.


See what I mean about the cows? He was in love with that bubble machine too. This kid was so much fun and kept me on my toes. But that is so much better than a boring photo shoot.

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