Autumn’s first birthday

A few years ago, a friend messaged me on Facebook and asked if I would come and photograph her daughter Scarlet’s first birthday party.  Of course I agreed.  For a few reason.  One-because I love to photograph events.  Two-because her late brother and my husband were best friends in high school.  A special family with a special event.  So when she messaged me again and asked if I would photograph her second daughter, Autumn’s first birthday, I had to say yes.  Maybe we’ve started a tradition??  I guess we will find out, if she and her husband have anymore babies.

Events such as birthday parties are one of my favorites to shoot, because I get to capture a lot of emotion.  Usually all happy smiles and laughs.  And that’s exactly why I love it.


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This face on the left makes me laugh. It’s as she’s looking at me wondering what in the world I’m doing. a (18)a (27)

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Happy 1st Birthday Autumn!

Do Well and Do Good