An update on my business shift

I’d like to start by saying that things so far are going well. I was introduced to Creative Live around two months ago through a Google search. What they essentially do is offer classes on so many subjects. Too many to list. But one of their main focuses is photography. They bring in amazing photographers to give classes on certain types of photography. Types, such as, newborn, glamour, and wedding. The latter is my favorite. And I think it always will be. I’m not going to list names, because unless you are in the photography world, you probably wouldn’t recognize them. But there is one name I am going to list. Jasmine Star.

I have to start out by just saying, huge answer to a big prayer. As I stated before, I love weddings. And I’ve been praying and wondering how to make my wedding photography business grow. I’ve been googling like a mad woman. Like my life depended on it. I was reading everything and watching every video I came across. And while I was finding terrific resources, different photographers had different styles, which meant I was getting direction that contradicted the previous thing I had just learned. Confusion was starting to set in. I decided to go to Creative Live and see what was going on there. I mean, it really couldn’t hurt. I went to the schedule of upcoming classes and came across a thirty day class that she was teaching. It was starting in ten days. And it was on wedding photography. I signed up. Best decision I’ve made in a long time. Jasmine Star is a God send for doing this class.

I have been learning and growing and figuring out so many new things. There have been questions I’ve had for years that are getting answered. All of these things are going to help me grow my wedding photography business and market it even better. And I’m doing this for you, my client. I want to give you the photos that you have dreamed of for your big day. I want to capture those moments that only you and your (future)spouse will see on your wedding day. I want to make sure that you remember every single detail down to the napkin rings and the place cards. Those are my goals and aspirations for my business.

And I’d like to invite you to watch as these things happen. Until next time

Do Well and Do Good


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