Attention Class of 2016!

I absolutely CANNOT believe how fast Summer is flying! And I’m seeing so many great Summer photos on social media. Beaches, theme parks, mountains, and many other amazing vacation spots. Other photos that will start appearing soon will be Senior photos. Those photos of students from this years graduating class. I know for moms and dads, it’s a time of nostalgia and remembering. Remembering when you dropped off your little one to the first day of kindergarten and now realizing that they are most likely driving themselves to their last first day of high school. And that the next first day they have will be when they start college.
And for the students, it’s that last year before you are FREE!! Free to start you own independent life. So many things are going to happen in this next year that will make it unforgettable. It’s going to be so much fun and something to look back on. So when you look back, shouldn’t you have unforgettable photos to go with it. The time is now. Senior photos are one of my favorite sessions to capture. It’s a time when your creativity can really shine and we can make the session all yours. Contact me and we can set something up for you! Let me be apart of your Senior year.

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Let me give you photos you will be proud of! Til next time.

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Warren, AR-Captain Cast Party and Premiere

So we all know it takes a whole lot of work to put together something as big as a full length film. And usually there are crews that help and get paid to do just that. Crews of probably hundreds, by the time you count the studio, directors, producers, and actors. So think about this. One guy. One guy who did the work of so many. He found the actors, selected the music, found the producers, researched the story, and so many more steps that it takes to put together a film. So many, that if I tried to list them all, it would take up this whole post. That guys name is Rob Reep.
He is a one man wrecking crew who took on all of those jobs and put out the film, “Captian”, which premiered this past Saturday. It is a big deal and our little town was buzzing with excitement and anticipation. We all couldn’t wait to view the finished product.  Rob brought the idea up to his mom around three years ago and they got the ball rolling.  And I just want to give a huge shout out to everyone that worked on the film. So many volunteered their time and talents to help Rob realize a dream. For those of you that didn’t get to attend the premiere, you can buy a copy of the DVD for $20.00 from Rob.
Rob you did a fantastic job! We all can’t wait to see what you come up with next! Congratulations!

CP (1)CP (10)CP (24)CP (28)CP (29)CP (33)Above:  All of the actors that were in the film.


There was a red carpet and interviews going on while people were arriving.

CP (36)CP (43)CP (47)CP (50)CP (52)CP (58)CP (61)CP (63)CP (67)

Rob has put out a few other documentary films that you can find on Go check them out! Til next time.

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Maci is 8!!

Every year on my daughter’s birthday, we have our own little photo shoot. I just shoot until she tells me she’s done. It usually last anywhere between 10-40 minutes. This year I was about a month late. I don’t know why, but it just happened that way. We were getting ready for a family member’s birthday party and she was ready to go, but we had some time left before we had to go. I grabbed my camera and asked her if she wanted me to take a few photos of her. Her reply was exactly what I thought it would be. “YES!” She did fantastic! But then again, I’m never disappointed with any of my kids photos. I just can’t believe how fast time is flying. She has grown so much and is turning into a beautiful young lady. I can’t wait to see where life takes my little girl.



Til next time.

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Warren, AR Newborn Session: Jase Cathey

Until recently, my friends Joey and Cassidy Cathey had two boys.  Jude and Luke.  One looks like dad and one looks like mom.  Well in my opinion anyway.  They then decided they would add one more precious baby to their family and make it complete.  Baby Jase is very handsome and favors his big brothers very much!

Thanks so much Joey and Cassidy for letting me capture your sweet, sweet baby boy! He is sure to be a heart breaker in the future.
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These two older brothers love their new brother so much. They added such an element of fun to this shoot and both were very relaxed and comfortable in exactly what they were wearing. I asked Cassidy if it was ok if they were in their underwear and she had the exact same answer I would’ve. A very laid back, “Oh yeah”. I have found, being a mom of 3 boys myself, that you have to be pretty easy going.
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The faces in this photo are my favorites.
jc (33)

jc (36)
jc (40)jc (41)jc (42)jc (45)jc (49)jc (51)

I can’t wait to see the fun that these three brothers have as they grow. Have at it boys! Til next time.

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All Things Tomato: Part 4 (Steak cook off and Lonestar)

This year at the Pink Tomato Festival, the first annual steak cook off.  Let me just say, it smelled beyond good when I walked down that street.  If I could’ve stayed there the whole day, I would’ve.  But there were just to many events to cover.  I did, however get to taste a sample of some ribs that were cooked that day and they melted in my mouth.  I’m not sure how many contestants there were, but tents lined Main Street in Warren.  This was the first time I had ever seen Main Street closed down.
But just around the corner was the main stage, where Lonestar played. And it was a great concert too! They sang songs that everyone knew and a few new ones also. Along the way, they threw in a few including Margaritaville. The whole crowd was singing along and some even had their phones out, waving them back and forth in the air like lighters. One of my favorite sights, though, was a man who had a baby in his arms. He was rocking the baby back and forth while the baby slept. So precious!

DSC_6454DSC_6461DSC_6465DSC_6471DSC_6499DSC_6513DSC_6533DSC_6546DSC_6573DSC_6602DSC_6652DSC_6656I was honored to get to capture so much and I hope that I’m asked back next year to do the same. Until next year, Pink Tomato Festival.

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