Warren, AR Newborn Session: Jase Cathey

Until recently, my friends Joey and Cassidy Cathey had two boys.  Jude and Luke.  One looks like dad and one looks like mom.  Well in my opinion anyway.  They then decided they would add one more precious baby to their family and make it complete.  Baby Jase is very handsome and favors his big brothers very much!

Thanks so much Joey and Cassidy for letting me capture your sweet, sweet baby boy! He is sure to be a heart breaker in the future.
jc (2)jc (3)jc (9)jc (12) copyjc (14)jc (17)

These two older brothers love their new brother so much. They added such an element of fun to this shoot and both were very relaxed and comfortable in exactly what they were wearing. I asked Cassidy if it was ok if they were in their underwear and she had the exact same answer I would’ve. A very laid back, “Oh yeah”. I have found, being a mom of 3 boys myself, that you have to be pretty easy going.
jc (19)jc (21)jc (24)jc (26)jc (27)

The faces in this photo are my favorites.
jc (33)

jc (36)
jc (40)jc (41)jc (42)jc (45)jc (49)jc (51)

I can’t wait to see the fun that these three brothers have as they grow. Have at it boys! Til next time.

Do Well and Do Good


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