A Family Session: Jeremy, Jessica, and Jayda

This time of the year is probably my busiest and the request I get the most is for family sessions. I love taking advantage of that request. It’s my opportunity to show a family how great they look. To show how much they love one another and a lot of times, it’s a chance for mom and dad to get some photos of just them, after we take group photos. Some of them haven’t had any done since they got married. This family is close to my heart. Jeremy and I happen to be first cousins. We’ve known each other since we were babies. We’ve kind of gotten to watch each other grow up.  And because we are family, I’ve gotten to watch their daughter, Jayda, grow also.  She is beautiful and sassy and a great mix of her mom and dad.  But it seems like yesterday that I found out that Jeremy and Jessica were going to have a baby.  It amazes me how fast time flies

Jeremy and Jessica, your family is beautiful and I’m grateful that you asked me to be your photographer. I love you guys!

Til next time.


Do Well and Do Good



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