Hermitage, AR Engagement Session: Matthew and Annslie

There are times in life when we get to know people when we are young. Then you lose track of them and then later in your life, they are back. For some people it’s family and for others, it’s friends. That’s the way it was with Annslie and I. She and I first met when were around eight. Then, because of moving around with my family, I lost track of her. Around ten or eleven years ago, my husband and I moved back to where I am from. Probably five years after that, I saw her across the room in a restaurant, but I didn’t say hi because I didn’t think she would remember me. I have a bad habit of doing that. Then a couple of years after that, she was at a mutual friends house and she did remember me. She is a blessing and I’m blessed to know her.
A little while ago I was on scrolling on Facebook and came across Annslie’s post where she was announcing her engagement. I was very excited for her. I hadn’t gotten to meet Matthew at that point, but I figured, I would soon. Then I got asked to shoot the wedding. When I met him, I figured out that he was the perfect match for her. Annslie is a very outgoing person and Matthew is quiet and reserved. The saying, opposites attract, proved to be true. I asked Annslie how she felt when they met and she said, she knew she loved him when she didn’t want to spend another minute without him. Now that, I’d say, is true love.

Annslie and Matthew, thank you for letting me be apart of these life changing events. I’m so excited and happy for both of you. I’m glad that you have both found your one and only.


Til next time.

Do Well and Do Good


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