Hi!  I want to start by saying thank you for stopping by my blog.  Here you will be able to read about my photography adventures in more detail.

I’ll start by telling you a little about me.  I am 34 years old and I have been married to my husband, Ben, for 13 years.  We have 4 children and lots of love.  I have been photographing  people and events for 6 years now and I absolutely love it.  I get to document those moments in a brides life that no one else gets to see.  I get to photograph pure emotion.  All the tears and smiles and hugs.   Besides being a mom, it’s my favorite job.  I couldn’t pick a better one.

I am a lifestyle photographer who specializes in weddings, bridals, and engagements and I love all three.  I am located in the tiny, but loveable town of Hermitage, AR.  I love to make my photo shoots about you by showing who you are.  If you are getting married soon or know someone who is, please feel free to shoot me an email or send me a text or call.  I also have a website that I would love for you to visit.  http://www.jpoolephotography.net

Please contact me for pricing info.

Please have a fabulous day and God Bless!




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