Hermitage, AR Bridal Shoot: Cindy Ferrell

When you find good help, it’s important to hang on to it. That’s exactly what I found with Cindy about three years ago. We’ve worked together a few times and I am never disappointed with the results. She even helped me get my first commercial job. She is always a pleasure to work with and I don’t know if I’ve ever seen her not smiling. So when I wanted to get some more experience in the bridal area, I knew she was the person to call. Sure enough she was more than happy to help.

Cindy, thanks for being my model again. You know I’ll be calling you again in the future. 🙂

Til next time.

Do Well and Do Good


Little Rock, AR Wedding: Nathan and Ashleigh

Ashleigh and I were introduced through a text from her aunt who happens to be married to my uncle. It let me know that Ashleigh was getting married and I should contact her and give her my wedding package information. I am usually hesitant to put myself out there in hopes of being hired. But this time, I decided to go for it. It was a text after all and the worst that could happen was getting a ‘No thank you’ back. Thankfully that didn’t happen. After texting back and forth for a few days, Nathan and Ashleigh decided to hire me to capture their big day. When I met them in person not to long after that, I knew that we were going to be a great fit. Their engagement session went very smoothly, in spite of rain. Umbrellas can make for a cute accessory.
The location for the wedding was beautiful. It was surrounded by flowers, green vines, and a stunning pergola. I wanted to bring the pergola home with me. The wedding was originally set to be outside, but because of forcasted rain, again, it was moved to a large room inside of the hall. The decorations were lovely. When I got there, it was sprinkling on and off and overcast. I was wondering where in the world I would take photos. But by the time Ashleigh was done getting ready, the clouds had parted and it was perfect. Photos went on without any problems. Once again, I got to witness the love and happiness between this couple. It was in their eyes and the way they looked at one another.

Nathan and Ashleigh, I am greatful that I’ve gotten to know both of you and thankful that I got to be apart of your day. Cheers!

Till next time.

Do Well and Do Good


Monticello, AR Bridal session-Kelly

When I first met Kelly, I knew I would like her very much. She is bubbly, outgoing, and so much fun. I love being around her. So when we all found out she was going to be part of the family by marrying my first cousin, Bradley, it was a great day. The proposal was even filmed and we got to see it. I was thrilled when they asked me to capture all of their photos. A while back, I blogged the engagement and now, I finally get to post the bridal photos. I am so excited. Bridal portraits are always a great way to allow a bride to let her glamorous side really show. They are all about her, without the pressure of the wedding day and everything that goes on.
I knew that Kelly’s were going to be fantastic. She’s a girly girl and reminds me of what Barbie would be like if she were human. I was not disappointed. Although her dress had many layers and she got hot while we were outside, you would never know from the look on her face while I was photographing her.
Kelly, I am honored that I was the one that had the privilege of photographing you in all of your beauty. You are lovely inside and out and God is doing an amazing work in you.


I normally only post a few photos, but I loved these so much, I just couldn’t decide. Til next time.

Do Well and Do Good


An After-the-Wedding Photo shoot-Jacob and Kasey

A couple of months ago, I put out a call on Facebook for a couple who had recently gotten married, to put their wedding wardrobe back on and redo hair and make up and pose for me.  Mainly, for the reason, that I wanted to add this kind of shoot to my portfolio.  I’ve done this sort of thing plenty of times before, but never without a time constraint. I received a few messages and a text or two. I went over each one, and ultimately picked Kasey and Jacob Johnston. I had never met either one of them in person, but I had seen them here and there. After all, my town and the next one over aren’t that big. I did, however, run into them at the Pink Tomato Festival and they were some of the sweetest people. I knew our session was going to be great. And I was right.

They arrived right on time, looking fantastic! They were easy to talk to and very relaxed. Both Kasey and Jacob were into the shoot. I didn’t get anything but cooperation from either one. It was a dream shoot. I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

Jacob and Kasey, you guys were amazing and I am more than pleased with the results of your shoot. Thank you so much for volunteering! I would be pleased to take your photos in the future anytime! I could go on and on and on, but I won’t. I’ll post a few of your photos now. 🙂


Til next time!

Do Well and Do Good


Selma, Arkansas Bridal Session-Miranda Dardenne

I was invited back in February by a great friend of mine, to tag along on one of her bridal shoots. And because I take any opportunity to learn, I happily accepted. Little did I know that the bride was engaged to the brother of my high school best friend. I was pleasantly surprised when I got there and saw the grooms mother. I connected the dots and figured everything out. This was my first time meeting the bride. And since I was really just a second shooter, I didn’t know much about her. I did figure out that she is a very lovely person by listening the she and Tracie converse. I was so pleased with the outcome of the photo shoot and I am more than happy to share it with you. I hope you enjoy.

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An update on my business shift

I’d like to start by saying that things so far are going well. I was introduced to Creative Live around two months ago through a Google search. What they essentially do is offer classes on so many subjects. Too many to list. But one of their main focuses is photography. They bring in amazing photographers to give classes on certain types of photography. Types, such as, newborn, glamour, and wedding. The latter is my favorite. And I think it always will be. I’m not going to list names, because unless you are in the photography world, you probably wouldn’t recognize them. But there is one name I am going to list. Jasmine Star.

I have to start out by just saying, huge answer to a big prayer. As I stated before, I love weddings. And I’ve been praying and wondering how to make my wedding photography business grow. I’ve been googling like a mad woman. Like my life depended on it. I was reading everything and watching every video I came across. And while I was finding terrific resources, different photographers had different styles, which meant I was getting direction that contradicted the previous thing I had just learned. Confusion was starting to set in. I decided to go to Creative Live and see what was going on there. I mean, it really couldn’t hurt. I went to the schedule of upcoming classes and came across a thirty day class that she was teaching. It was starting in ten days. And it was on wedding photography. I signed up. Best decision I’ve made in a long time. Jasmine Star is a God send for doing this class.

I have been learning and growing and figuring out so many new things. There have been questions I’ve had for years that are getting answered. All of these things are going to help me grow my wedding photography business and market it even better. And I’m doing this for you, my client. I want to give you the photos that you have dreamed of for your big day. I want to capture those moments that only you and your (future)spouse will see on your wedding day. I want to make sure that you remember every single detail down to the napkin rings and the place cards. Those are my goals and aspirations for my business.

And I’d like to invite you to watch as these things happen. Until next time

Do Well and Do Good


My life, my business, and re-branding

So, I’ve started a sentence about 3 or 4 times for this particular post and I keep erasing it. I just can’t decide really how to start it. This post won’t include photos or a cute story of how a couple met or how I know someone or how cute a baby is. But let’s face it, babies are cute. And sometimes ridiculously cute. Okay, not to get off subject. I want to share a little about myself with you.

By now, you’ve guessed I’m a photographer and an entrepreneur. I live with my husband, four children, and two spoiled dogs. My husband and I have been married for 13 years and are more madly in love now, than when we got married. We have three boys and a girl. They keep us busy and laughing. There’s never a dull moment in our lives.

My journey to becoming a photographer didn’t start when I was younger. I didn’t think to myself as a teenager, ‘Hey, this is what I want to do with my life’. No. My journey started out of necessity. While on vacation one year, my little Kodak point and shoot was stolen. At the time, I was heart broken, because I had photos of my then, three children on an SD card inside the camera. I had to resort to using my phone, which had a 2.5 MP camera on it. That’s when I made the decision to invest in a “good” camera. It’s been one of the best investments I’ve ever made. Jesus took something bad and turned it into something amazing. From there, it has snowballed into what I have now. A business I love.

For a while now, I’ve been considering moving into mostly wedding and wedding related event photography. And what I mean by that is engagement photography, bridal photography, boudoir photography, and weddings. These areas are my absolute favorite. When I think of photographing a wedding, I get the most amazing feeling of excitement. The thought of getting to capture the day that a bride has planned since she was a little girl, gives me the best feeling. The day that she turned into a game when she was 10 as she walked down an “aisle” made of the chairs in her parents dining room which seated her stuffed animals and dolls. The day that she turned into a notebook of clippings from ten different magazines. Clippings of engagement rings with diamonds so large, they should be kept under the tightest of security. Cut outs of dresses so exquisite, that her father might have to take out a second mortgage to pay for it. And bridesmaids dresses so beautiful, that her best friends would want to wear them over and over again. The day where all of her planning has finally come together and her wedding dreams are realized. Her day. This, is what I want to do with the rest of my photographic career.

I understand that this may take some time, but I’m willing to wait for what I want. I’m constantly learning more and always trying to further my education. I have decided to work towards certification also. It’s a new area of my life and I look forward to discovering it. Til next time.

Do Well and Do Good