Monticello, AR Maternity Session: Ross and Jammie

The weather was really nice the day I met Ross and Jammie for the first time. It was a bit overcast and not really hot. I had never met either one of them before, so I was just a little nervous.  But, I soon found out that we were going to get along great. They both seem to have the same sense of humor that I have and It was easy to make them laugh. And after the first Seinfeld reference was made, I definitely knew we were going to get along just fine. We were all cracking up by the time their session was over. They were very easy to work with and I feel like I got some amazing photos.

Ross and Jammie, thank you for letting me capture one of life’s milestones for you!

Til next time!

Do Well and Do Good



Hermitage, AR Maternity Session: Kasey and Jacob

Taking photos of these two is always fun and there are plenty of laughs to go around. That was the case last night when we met for their maternity session.   I know some of you will remember about two years ago when I put out a model call for a couple that hadn’t been married long. Kasey responded and I first got to know them then. I was excited for the both of them when I found out that they were going to have a baby.

The weather wasn’t bad, especially in the shade.  One might even call it pleasant.  Where I live there are plenty of fields so I suggested that first.  After, we headed to the lake.  I knew I wanted to get some sunset shots so let me say, that trying to get to the lake and making sure we didn’t miss it was more stressful than a wedding.  Seriously.  But in the end we got them!  And I love them!

Jacob and Kasey your baby boy is so blessed to have you as parents and  you are going to be fantastic parents.  Congrats you guys!

When I can bring natural light and laughs together, it’s always going to be a great combination.

Pure sweetness.  I didn’t even Jacob any instruction here.  I looked up and this was happening.  It’s absolutely true love!

I love images that are not posed.

Seriously!  I looooove Baby Toms!!

The view at Lake Monticello was breath taking!

They are so ready and excited for their baby boy, Sailor James to be here.  Only a few weeks left.

Isn’t Kasey an absolutely gorgeous momma?

Til next time

Do Well and Do Good


Warren, AR Delivery: Baby Jax

I think it may be an understatement to say that I love babies. I mean, I have four. I really, REALLY love babies! They are sweet, they smell good, and every one is a miracle. I don’t say that to be cliche’. I actually mean it. To get to see a baby come into this world is breath taking. So when Shelby asked me to be there the day Jax was born, I didn’t hesitate. This one was going to be different than the last one though. This one was a scheduled C-Section. I got there around 6:30 that morning and baby Jax made his entrance not to long after that. Weighing in at 6 pounds, he was beautiful! My exact thoughts when I was snapping a few images, were ‘He looks like a baby doll’. Every feature was perfect. When I first went to Shelby’s room, everyone was calm and waiting. The atmosphere was nice. Little brother, Javen, got there not to long after I did. Along the way he was letting everyone know he was going to get a baby that day. I enjoyed every minute I was there and I’m so grateful that I got to witness love come into the world.

Justin, Shelby, and Javen, I wanna give the biggest congrats on your new addition and I can’t wait to see the fun that Javen and Jax are going to have as they grow as brothers and friends!


There are a lot of images in this post because I couldn’t help myself.

Til next time.

Do Well and Do Good


Baby Day: Grayson Blake Carter

I’ve always said that if I wasn’t a photographer, I would’ve been a labor and delivery nurse. Having the job of helping to bring babies into the world is at the top of my list of amazing professions. So when Kelly asked me to be in the room when she delivered Grayson, I was ecstatic! I had to keep myself from tearing up right there. As the last week of her pregnancy came around, I found myself carrying around my phone like a doctor that’s on call. It went everywhere with me. Finally I got THE text. Kelly visited her doctor and was going to be admitted to be induced. I got my stuff together and headed to the hospital. When I got there, things were going along nicely. Kelly was having contractions and definitely in pain. She labored into the night and the next day. After around 30 hours, her doctor decided it was time for a c-section. Everything went very smoothly and baby Grayson got here without any problems. He was a healthy 7lbs 15oz. Aside from my own childrens’ birth, it was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen. I was snapping photos and crying at the same time. I will never, EVER, forget my first labor and delivery session.

Kelly and Bradley, God has blessed you with the most precious baby and he is beautiful. It’s gonna be so much fun getting to watch Grayson grow up!

Till next time.

Do Well and Do Good,


Warren Family Session: Cathey Family

I have four children. Saying that my house is busy is an understatement. Three of my children are boys, so I can heavily identify with this family. Meet the Cathey family. I’ve posted about them before, but it wasn’t the whole family. This time everyone got in on the action. I had such a good time with them. The boys are a hoot! Joey and Cassidy have a beautiful house, so it wasn’t even a question if I was going to use it in the background. Before I got there, I knew I would. There were a couple of Bradford Pear trees starting to turn and they were a lovely Ombre’. Then, as we were finishing up, Cassidy suggested the pond out beside their house. It was ideal. As we drove through the trees, the pond came into view and it looked like a mirror. The water was absolutely still and it was a sublime backdrop. We didn’t drive very far before I figured out exactly which spot I would use. It couldn’t have been any better if I had walked out there a few hours in advance and planned it.

Joey and Cassidy, thank you for allowing me to capture your family! It was an honor!

Til next time.

Do Well and Do Good


Warren, AR Newborn Session: Jase Cathey

Until recently, my friends Joey and Cassidy Cathey had two boys.  Jude and Luke.  One looks like dad and one looks like mom.  Well in my opinion anyway.  They then decided they would add one more precious baby to their family and make it complete.  Baby Jase is very handsome and favors his big brothers very much!

Thanks so much Joey and Cassidy for letting me capture your sweet, sweet baby boy! He is sure to be a heart breaker in the future.
jc (2)jc (3)jc (9)jc (12) copyjc (14)jc (17)

These two older brothers love their new brother so much. They added such an element of fun to this shoot and both were very relaxed and comfortable in exactly what they were wearing. I asked Cassidy if it was ok if they were in their underwear and she had the exact same answer I would’ve. A very laid back, “Oh yeah”. I have found, being a mom of 3 boys myself, that you have to be pretty easy going.
jc (19)jc (21)jc (24)jc (26)jc (27)

The faces in this photo are my favorites.
jc (33)

jc (36)
jc (40)jc (41)jc (42)jc (45)jc (49)jc (51)

I can’t wait to see the fun that these three brothers have as they grow. Have at it boys! Til next time.

Do Well and Do Good



Jason is a first cousin. He married Holly. They have been married a few years and they just had their first baby. A baby boy! Who is way to cute. Oh my gosh, he’s so cute. He is a good mixture of his mommy and daddy and he seems like he is a very happy baby. And he is VERY loved! I remember thinking about a year and a half back, ‘When are they gonna have a baby?’ I know I wasn’t the only one thinking it either. 😉
Not to long after that, Holly and Jason announced that they were expecting. Yay!!! And nine months later, he was here. I am so glad they asked me to take some newborn photos of him.
Now when it comes to my newborn shoots, I try to accomplish the cute poses and give parents what is always seen online, but I will forever love the more natural photos. The ones where the parents are interacting with the baby on the bed or just holding him or her and looking at the baby or just standing in front of a window. Just natural stuff that you do after you have a baby. I have four children and I know there have been many many moments spent just staring at the beautiful person that grew inside of me for so long. The one that I couldn’t wait to meet. Those are my favorite shots to get.

DSC_5411DSC_5438DSC_5445DSC_5470DSC_5475DSC_5494DSC_5512I am so glad when I get to photograph people that I get to see all of the time. Especially babies, because I get to see them grow, and a lot of times parents continue to ask me to take family photos. So I watch them grow in photos too.Do Good and Do Well


Callie Grace

I love taking pictures of babies. I get to snuggle them and love on them and just hold them. Baby’s do a heart good. So a day or two ago I got to take pictures of a beautiful baby girl, who happens to belong to a couple that I have been friends with for a long time. And there’s a beautiful story behind this baby. Her mom and dad have been waiting on her for 10+ years. When Victor and Michelle, mom and dad, got married, Victor had a precious little girl named Alyssa. They knew they wanted to add more to their growing family. But a few years went by and no baby. Another baby girl came into their lives through the process of adoption and they were happy. More years went by and I think they had given up on having a baby of their own. After a few more problems, Michelle announced to the family that she and Victor were expecting! And 9 great months later, gorgeous Callie Grace was born. This baby girl is such a miracle and she is perfect in every way. It was so great to get to hold her and love on her.


DSC_1303I cannot wait to see this baby girl grow up and I hope to get to take many more photos of her. Congrats Victor and Michelle!!Do Well, Do good