Monticello, AR Elopement: Sam+Becca

What was supposed to be a beautiful day outside with decent temperatures turned into cold, rainy one. This was Becca and Sam’s elopement. But by saying that I don’t mean that it wasn’t beautiful. Two people who love each other promised to love each other forever and spend the rest of their lives together. I have never shot an elopement before this day, but I’m always up for new kinds of events. I treated it like I would any other wedding. When I arrived at the salon, Becca was just starting with her hair and make up. She had two people working on her. Now if that doesn’t make you feel like a princess, I don’t know what does. The ladies doing the work were quick and efficient. They did their job and did it well. When it was all said and done, Becca was a beautiful bride!


I think there is something about an elopement. It’s just the couple and the people that mean the most to them. In this case, while Becca got ready, it was just her and her mom. The atmosphere was relaxed and a cool kind of quiet surrounded us. Becca’s dress was gorgeous. It almost reminded me of a wardrobe that came from decades past.
I loooove the next image. It shows the intimacy of the moments she spent getting ready.
She even decided to take the relaxation one step further (no pun intended) and pair the dress with some very sparkly Kate Spade Keds. Genius!

Becca and Sam decided to opt for a “First Look”. Now normally, I would take the couple to a place outside to do the first look, but due to heavy rainfall, we weren’t able to do that. But in times like that, you roll with the punches and take it at it comes. No our background may not have been an open field with warm sunlight, but what mattered most was getting to capture the look on their faces. It was very sweet. I can tell by the way they look at each other, how much they’re in love. 2018-02-21_0010.jpg

The rest of the evening went off without a hitch and Sam and Becca are now a happily married couple.


Sam and Becca, thank you again for allowing me to capture your day. I wish both of you nothing but the best!

Til next time

Do Good and Do Well


Dress: David’s Bridal
Make up: Allie Hawkins
Hair: Shear Design, Anna Norris
Cookies: Rachelle Mann
Cake: Shelly Byrd


Monticello, AR Wedding: Brandon+Brittany

The sky was clear with the exception of a few clouds on Brandon and Brittany’s wedding day. The was a continuous breeze and the temperature was a little chilly. But that wasn’t going to stop this small, intimate ceremony outside of their family church. The chairs and haybales were set up, waiting for the guests to arrive. Brandon and Brittany were beginning the day that was going to start their lives together, forever.
The reception hall was almost ready and so were the girls. Finishing touches were being put in place. I could feel the excitement as the bridesmaids helped Brittany into her gown. She was more than ready to make Brandon hers.

The guys were a little more rowdy, but very cooperative, which is always a good thing. It was easy to laugh while hanging around this bunch. I could tell it was going to be a great day!

The ceremony went like most do. With no problems. It was perfect!
They even added a confetti cannon for the kiss.

The rest of the evening went very well and everyone had a full belly and good time.

Brandon and Brittany, I am honored to have met both of you and I’m excited to see where life is going to take you. I wish you nothing but the best!

Til next time.

Do Well and Do Good.


After the Wedding: Sheldon+Lauren

A few months ago, I put a model call out on Facebook. I had been learning a few new techniques and I wanted to put them to the test. I wanted to work with a couple that hadn’t been married that long and was willing to put their wedding wardrobe back on. I got a message on Facebook from Lauren letting me know that a friend had tagged her in my original post. I learned that she and Sheldon, her husband, were a couple after my own heart. They love Jesus and they love to go on mission trips. Due to schedule conflicts we weren’t able to set a date for the session until last week. But it was well worth the wait. I am absolutely loving the results from this session and I would work with them any time.

Sheldon and Lauren, thank you so much for answering my call and letting me capture you guys!

Til next time.

Do Well and Do Good


Monticello, AR Maternity Session: Ross and Jammie

The weather was really nice the day I met Ross and Jammie for the first time. It was a bit overcast and not really hot. I had never met either one of them before, so I was just a little nervous.  But, I soon found out that we were going to get along great. They both seem to have the same sense of humor that I have and It was easy to make them laugh. And after the first Seinfeld reference was made, I definitely knew we were going to get along just fine. We were all cracking up by the time their session was over. They were very easy to work with and I feel like I got some amazing photos.

Ross and Jammie, thank you for letting me capture one of life’s milestones for you!

Til next time!

Do Well and Do Good


Hermitage, AR Maternity Session: Kasey and Jacob

Taking photos of these two is always fun and there are plenty of laughs to go around. That was the case last night when we met for their maternity session.   I know some of you will remember about two years ago when I put out a model call for a couple that hadn’t been married long. Kasey responded and I first got to know them then. I was excited for the both of them when I found out that they were going to have a baby.

The weather wasn’t bad, especially in the shade.  One might even call it pleasant.  Where I live there are plenty of fields so I suggested that first.  After, we headed to the lake.  I knew I wanted to get some sunset shots so let me say, that trying to get to the lake and making sure we didn’t miss it was more stressful than a wedding.  Seriously.  But in the end we got them!  And I love them!

Jacob and Kasey your baby boy is so blessed to have you as parents and  you are going to be fantastic parents.  Congrats you guys!

When I can bring natural light and laughs together, it’s always going to be a great combination.

Pure sweetness.  I didn’t even Jacob any instruction here.  I looked up and this was happening.  It’s absolutely true love!

I love images that are not posed.

Seriously!  I looooove Baby Toms!!

The view at Lake Monticello was breath taking!

They are so ready and excited for their baby boy, Sailor James to be here.  Only a few weeks left.

Isn’t Kasey an absolutely gorgeous momma?

Til next time

Do Well and Do Good


Ashlynn & Ryan

Horses, barrel racing, and playing outside on the farm. That’s what Ashlynn and Ryan enjoy doing. Not all at the same time of course.

Ashlynn loves to ride her horse. But not just ride. She competes in high school rodeo where she barrel races and pole bends. She is sweet, polite, and everytime I see her, she’s always smiling. She had me laughing because I wanted to take a couple of photos of her not smiling and she just smiled bigger and laughed. Needless to say, she was very easy to photograph.

Ryan was just as much of a pleasure to photograph. He didn’t smile any less than his sister. He is the typical little boy. He loves to play outside and go to the farm with his dad. He never questioned what I was doing when I would ask him to sit or stand a certain way. He only said a big OK and he needed very little direction. If I brought him home to play with my boys, he would fit in perfectly.

Andie, thank you for allowing me to photograph your beautiful children. It was a pleasure!



Til next time.

Do Well and Do Good,


Monticello, AR Engagement Session: Walter and Brandie

I go to an amazing church. When I walked in the doors for the first time, I felt like I was home. Along with that came a great church family. These are some of the best people you could ever meet. I truly love them like I love my own family. Sometimes I get to work with people that go to my church. Not long ago, I got a message from Brandie asking about engagement sessions. We emailed back and forth a couple of times and after discussing it with Walter, they decided they would have me take their engagement photos. I love engagement sessions and I love getting to work with new people. It’s a perk of the job.  I’ve said it before.
When we all got to meet in person the day of the session, both Brandie and Walter had huge smiles on their faces. The day was beautiful, but a little windy. The laughed easily and it was infectious. We had a fantastic time. I could tell by the way they looked at each other that they are in love. It’s almost tangible. It was very easy to get good photos of this couple because I really didn’t have to tell them to do anything. They were themselves and it was truly a pleasure to work with them.
Walter and Brandie, I wish you the best and many years of wedded bliss.

The day was beautiful. Walter and Brandie are people who love the outdoors. They also love the lake. We decided to make that one of our locations. Although it was windy, it was a lovely spot. I even got to see a couple of Canada Geese.

Til next time.

Do Well and Do Good


A Fairytale Wedding-Bradley and Kelly

Her colors were in the shades of pink and cream. His suit was a great hue of gray and nicely pressed. Her dress was Vera Wang and her make-up was perfect. She was beautiful and he was handsome. All the makings for the perfect day. These are the details describing Bradley and Kelly’s wedding. They couldn’t wait to say “I do”. And it was right around the corner.

The day went off without a hitch. The men in their suits and the girls in their matching dresses. Everything was perfect. With her hair pinned up just right and her dress flowing out around her, Kelly was stunning and she was ready to walk down that aisle. And at the end, was her prince charming. Bradley waited patiently as each parent and attendant walked out first. The doors shut and the congregation stood. Everyone seemed to hold their breath as they waited for the doors to open. But no one, more than Bradley. Finally he saw his bride walking towards him and all was right. They said their “I do’s”, kissed, and danced out to “Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I’m yours”. It couldn’t have gone any better.

These two have a love between them that is perfect and they were made for each other. It has been a pleasure to watch them grow as a couple and to see how they are striving to keep God as the center of their marriage. Bradley and Kelly, I can’t thank you enough for the opportunity to capture your milestones with my camera. Couples like you are the reason I started doing what I do. With all my heart, thank you!

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I am so glad you guys decided to share a life together. Til next time.

Do Well and Do Good,


Attention Class of 2016!

I absolutely CANNOT believe how fast Summer is flying! And I’m seeing so many great Summer photos on social media. Beaches, theme parks, mountains, and many other amazing vacation spots. Other photos that will start appearing soon will be Senior photos. Those photos of students from this years graduating class. I know for moms and dads, it’s a time of nostalgia and remembering. Remembering when you dropped off your little one to the first day of kindergarten and now realizing that they are most likely driving themselves to their last first day of high school. And that the next first day they have will be when they start college.
And for the students, it’s that last year before you are FREE!! Free to start you own independent life. So many things are going to happen in this next year that will make it unforgettable. It’s going to be so much fun and something to look back on. So when you look back, shouldn’t you have unforgettable photos to go with it. The time is now. Senior photos are one of my favorite sessions to capture. It’s a time when your creativity can really shine and we can make the session all yours. Contact me and we can set something up for you! Let me be apart of your Senior year.

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Let me give you photos you will be proud of! Til next time.

Do Great and Do Good