Attention Class of 2016!

I absolutely CANNOT believe how fast Summer is flying! And I’m seeing so many great Summer photos on social media. Beaches, theme parks, mountains, and many other amazing vacation spots. Other photos that will start appearing soon will be Senior photos. Those photos of students from this years graduating class. I know for moms and dads, it’s a time of nostalgia and remembering. Remembering when you dropped off your little one to the first day of kindergarten and now realizing that they are most likely driving themselves to their last first day of high school. And that the next first day they have will be when they start college.
And for the students, it’s that last year before you are FREE!! Free to start you own independent life. So many things are going to happen in this next year that will make it unforgettable. It’s going to be so much fun and something to look back on. So when you look back, shouldn’t you have unforgettable photos to go with it. The time is now. Senior photos are one of my favorite sessions to capture. It’s a time when your creativity can really shine and we can make the session all yours. Contact me and we can set something up for you! Let me be apart of your Senior year.

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Let me give you photos you will be proud of! Til next time.

Do Great and Do Good