Warren, AR Family Session: #TeamLandon

We all know that life can be tough. It can be mean and it can be downright unfair. Things often happen that we don’t understand. Bad things that happen to good people. When a child is involved, it makes it that much more terrible. I know…that’s probably got to be the worst opening to a blog post I’ve ever written. But stick with me. I’m going somewhere with it. Not long ago, I was scrolling on Facebook and came across some news that stopped me right there and took my breath away. My friend Britny, had received news that her son, Landon, had been diagnosed with Lukemia. I sat at my computer and cried…and cried and cried. Landon isn’t even ten years old. His life is just starting. Immediately I started praying life over their situation and over Landon. I started thanking God for Landon’s healing. I started praying for peace for the Duncan family. Before this, Lukemia was one of those things that happened to families far away, that I didn’t know. I know it happens everyday and we all know someone who has received that same diagnoses, but for me this was a first. Our community rallied around Taylor, Britny, Landon, and Cash. People started doing what they could for this small family. They started helping out in all ways. Britny has been keeping us all updated on Landon. And let me tell you, prayer works! After getting the initial bad news, she got good news that things were shrinking and going away. I’m not up all of the techinal terms, so I won’t try to use and medical jargon. I just want to add that Landon is an amazing kid!! The day of our shoot, he was up for it. He didn’t complain and he kept smiling. He loves to be outside and he loves to shoot his guns. When I walked in, he was sitting on the couch getting his shoes on. Somehow he and I got on the subject of things that he likes to do. Right away he started telling me about his guns, and showing me some bullets he has, and how he loves to shoot them. He smiled the whole time. It is one of the sweetest smiles too.

Taylor and Britny, thank you for asking me to come into your home and your lives. I enjoyed spending time with you guys and I am especially thankful that my path has crossed with Landon’s. He is strong, loving, and unforgettable. Landon, I can’t wait to see you kick the crap out of cancer!!!

Til next time.

Do Well and Do Good