Hot Springs Bridal Session: Brittany Brooks

I recently had the privilege of shooting a bridal session in Hot Springs a few weeks ago. Now, if you don’t know anything about Hot Springs, you should definitely do yourself a favor and Google it. It’s a beautiful city with beautiful places to shoot. The main thing it’s famous for is it’s namesake, the hot springs. At one time, people came from far and wide because they believed the springs were medicinal. The main strip has the nickname “Bath House Row” due to the fact that it’s lined with bath houses. If you decide to visit one, you’ll find out it’s like a spa. I, myself, have never been in one, so I can’t tell you exactly what happens. But every year, thousands of people come to visit Bath House Row and see the other things that Hot Springs has to offer.

When Brittany brought up the idea of Hot Springs and the destination for her Bridal shoot, I got excited. I’ve always wanted to add it to my portfolio. I knew we were going to get some great shots. I was not disappointed.

Our first stop was Garvan Garden’s. It’s a large plot of land where you can walk through and admire the plants, flowers, and the architecture.

After we were done there, we decided to go into the city and shoot on Bath House Row. I finally got to shoot at the Arlington Hotel. Their lobby is gorgeous and includes a couple of great staircases.

I hope to get to shoot in Hot Springs again very soon. Make sure you keep your eyes open for Brittany and Brandon’s wedding day!

Til next time.

Do Well and Do Good,



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